Good Life Farm
Darnestown, MD
About Us

What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture, known as CSA, permits a community of individuals to pledge financial support for a farmer’s operations and share in the bounty throughout the growing season—through a subscription to the weekly harvest of the farm. Our subscribers are in every sense our partners: they help fund our operations, they share in the risks that go with farming, and for their support they also share in the months’ worth of fresh, nutritious produce that we harvest. In addition, your membership in our CSA subscription program helps to keep local agriculture both viable and profitable, which in turn ensures that precious farmland—a haven for wildlife and a cornerstone of environmental diversity—isn’t sold for development. In addition, CSA memberships allow us to hire high school and college students for the summer, providing them a practical education and helping to interest a new generation in sustainable agriculture and local food production.

Why become a Good Life Farm CSA member?

Becoming a member of our CSA operation is a special opportunity for you and your family to participate in the production of fresh, locally grown fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Your CSA purchase supports local agriculture in Montgomery County, Maryland. Your investment stays in your community. It does not leave to another state. This creates jobs in the county, preserves open space, and enhances food security for the area. 

Farmer Larry is dedicated to using sustainable, natural-production practices that yield an abundant and healthy supply of produce for our members. But in addition to the benefits of knowing exactly where and how you food is grown, as well as the people who grow it, there are other compelling reasons to purchase directly from the farm: grocery-store produce typically reaches the shelves a full week after it’s picked, and middlemen drive the prices up dramatically. By buying locally, you save money and return a fair margin to the farmer.

Although 2011 was one of the toughest growing seasons in recent history, with an unusualy hot and dry spring and summer that delayed the planting and harvest of many items, Good Life Farm still managed to deliver its members a bountiful harvest of fresh fruit and vegetables. By season’s end, members had the opportunity to receive 34 weeks of farm-fresh produce at a retail value of more than $1,800—a price well above the cost of a CSA membership. Good Life Farm continues the tradition of working with other local farms to bring the best variety and freshness to your table. We welcome your questions. We encourage to you to visit our farm.