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CSA Offering Delivered by month and item

CSA dateAmountMeasureDescription
May 081lbFresh cut Green and Purple Asparagus
May 084ozFresh Sage
May 084ozFresh Cilantro
May 084ozFresh Marjoram
May 083countSpring Onion
May 08.25lbMixed Greens- Arugula, Royal Oak, Red Romaine, Green Romaine
May 151lbFresh cut Green and Purple Asparagus
May 153countSpring Onion
May 15.25lbMixed Greens- Arugula, Royal Oak, Red Romaine, Green Romaine
May 221lbFresh cut Green and Purple Asparagus
May 224ozFresh Sage
May 224ozFresh Cilantro
May 224ozFresh Marjoram
May 223countSpring Onion
May 22.25lbRoyal Oak Lettuce
May 22.25lbRed Romaine Lettuce
May 22.25lbGreen Romaine Lettuce
May 291lbFresh cut Green and Purple Asparagus
May 29.25lbRoyal Oak Lettuce
May 29.25lbRed Romaine Lettuce
May 29.25lbGreen Romaine Lettuce
May 29.25lbSpinich
June 06.5lbFresh cut Green and Purple Asparagus
June 064ozFresh Sage
June 064ozFresh Cilantro
June 064ozFresh Marjoram
June 063countSpring Onion
June 06.25lbRed Romaine Lettuce
June 06.25lbGreen Romaine Lettuce
June 06.25lbSpinich
June 19.5lbSugar Snap Peas
June 194countFresh Cut Zucchini Green & Ghost
June 192countFresh Cut Yellow Squash
June 198countOnion Blooms
June 194countYellow and White Onions
June 24.5lbSugar Snap Peas
June 244countFresh Cut Zucchini Green & Ghost
June 242countFresh Cut Yellow Squash
June 248countOnion Blooms
June 244countYellow and White Onions
July 04.5lbSugar Snap Peas
July 044countFresh Cut Zucchini Green & Ghost
July 042countFresh Cut Yellow Squash
July 048countOnion Blooms
July 044countYellow and White Onions
July 042countSlicing Cucumber
July 042countPickling Cucmber
July 04.25lbGreen Beans
July 04.25lbYellow Beans
July 094countFresh Cut Zucchini Green & Ghost
July 092countFresh Cut Yellow Squash
July 092countSlicing Cucumber
July 092countPickling Cucmber
July 09.25lbGreen Beans
July 09.25lbYellow Beans
July 096countSweet Corn
July 094ozFresh Sage
July 094ozFresh Cilantro
July 094ozFresh Marjoram
July 092countEggplant
July 194countFresh Cut Zucchini Green & Ghost
July 192countSlicing Cucumber
July 192countPickling Cucmber
July 196countSweet Corn
July 194ozFresh Sage
July 194ozFresh Cilantro
July 194ozFresh Marjoram
July 192countFresh Cut Eggplant
July 196countPeaches
July 191countCantaloupe Melon
July 244countSweet Corn
July 244countPeaches
July 24.5lbRed Potatoes
July 243countSweet Banana Peppers
July 242countFresh Cut Zucchini Green & Ghost
July 242countFresh Cut Yellow Squash
July 242countLarge Red Tomatoes
July 242countRegular Size Red Tomatoes
July 304countSweet Corn
July 304countSlicing Cucumber
July 30.5lbRed Potatoes
July 301countCantaloupe Melon/Personal Watermelon
July 303countSweet Banana Peppers
July 302countFresh Cut Eggplant
July 304countRegular Size Red Tomatoes
July 302countYellow and White Onions
August 054countSweet Corn
August 054countSlicing Cucumber
August 05.5lbRed Potatoes
August 053countSweet Banana Peppers
August 052countGreen/Red Peppers
August 052countFresh Cut Eggplant
August 052countRegular Size Red Tomatoes
August 052countUlgly Heirloom Tomatoes
August 052countRoma Tomatoes
August 051pintCherry Tomatoes
August 051pintYellow Pear Tomatoes
August 052countYellow and White Onions
August 144countSweet Corn
August 141bundleRed Beats with Greens
August 14.5lbRed Potatoes
August 143countSweet Banana Peppers
August 142countGreen/Red Peppers
August 141countFresh Cut Eggplant
August 142countRegular Size Red Tomatoes
August 142countUlgly Heirloom Tomatoes
August 142countRoma Tomatoes
August 141pintCherry Tomatoes
August 141pintYellow Pear Tomatoes
August 142countYellow and White Onions
August 142countHot Salsa Peppers
August 284countSweet Corn
August 28.5lbGreen Beans
August 28.5lbRed Potatoes
August 283countSweet Banana Peppers
August 283countHot Salsa Peppers
August 281countFresh Cut Eggplant
August 284countRegular Size Red Tomatoes
August 282countRoma Tomatoes
August 281pintCherry Tomatoes
August 281pintYellow Pear Tomatoes
August 282countYellow and White Onions
August 282countFresh Cut Yellow Squash
September 111countOrnamental Chili Plant
September 116countSweet Corn
September 11.5lbSmall Purple Potatoes
September 11.5lbRed Potatoes
September 11.5lbGreen Beans
September 111HeadBroccoli
September 113countSweet Banana Peppers
September 111pintCherry Tomatoes
September 111pintYellow Pear Tomatoes
September 112countFresh Cut Zucchini Green & Ghost
September 181lbRed Potatoes
September 18.5lbSmall Purple Potatoes
September 18.5lbSmall Red Potatoes
September 183countHot Salsa Peppers
September 183countGreen/Red Peppers
September 183countFresh Cut Eggplant
September 182countFresh Cut Zucchini
September 182countSlicing Cucumber
September 182countPickling Cucumber
September 18.5lbGreen Beans
September 18.5lbYellow Beans
September 181bunchBeets with Greens
September 181headLarge Cabbage
September 181countAcorn Squash
September 182countNectarines
September 182countHoney Crisp Apples
September 251lbRed Potatoes
September 25.5lbSmall Purple Potatoes
September 25.5lbSmall Red Potatoes
September 253countHot Salsa Peppers
September 253countGreen/Red Peppers
September 252countFresh Cut Eggplant
September 252countFresh Cut Zucchini
September 252countSlicing Cucumber
September 252countPickling Cucumber
September 251lbGreen Beans
September 251sprigOnion chives
September 251countAcorn Squash
September 252countSweet Corn
September 252countAssorted Apples
October 024countSweet Corn
October 021HeadBroccoli
October 021lbRed Potatoes
October 023countHot Salsa Peppers
October 023countGreen/Red Peppers
October 022countFresh Cut Eggplant
October 022countFresh Cut Zucchini
October 021lbGreen Beans
October 021countAcorn Squash
October 021sprigOnion chives
October 021countLarge Heirloom Tomato
October 022countAssorted Apples
October 094countSweet Corn
October 092countBeautiful Fall Mums assorted colors
October 091lbRed Potatoes
October 093countHot Salsa Peppers
October 093countGreen/Red Peppers
October 092countRegular Tomatoes
October 092countFresh Cut Zucchini
October 091lbGreen Beans
October 091countAcorn Squash
October 091sprigOnion chives
October 091countLarge Heirloom Tomato
October 096countAssorted Apples
October 091countFresh Cut Patty Pan - Flying Saucer Squash
October 161lbAssorted Red Skin Potatoes
October 161lbSweet Potatoes
October 161lbGreen Beans
October 161countWinter Acorn Squash (White or Green) or Spaghetti or Butternut, you choose.
October 166countRadishes
October 166countWhite Turnips
October 161headGreen Romaine Lettuce
October 161headRed Romaine Lettuce
October 166countMedium Rd Tomatoes
October 166countAssorted Apples
October 234countSweet Corn
October 236countRadishes
October 236countWhite Turnips with Greens
October 231HeadBroccoli
October 231lbRed Potatoes
October 231lbSweet Potatoes
October 238countMild Red Sarano Peppers
October 233countSweet Bell Peppers
October 232countFresh Cut Zucchini
October 231countSpaghetti Squash
October 231countButternut Squash
October 234countLarge Red Tomatoes
October 236countAssorted Apples
October 301HeadBroccoli
October 301headFresh Cut Cheeder Yellow Cauliflower
October 301headFresh Cut White Cauliflower
October 301countLarge Jacko lantern Pumpkin or Cinderella Pumpkin
October 301bunchLarge Indian Corn Fall Decoration
October 304countFall Decorative Gourds
October 301lbSweet Potatoes
October 308countMild Red Sarano Peppers
October 301countSpaghetti Squash
October 301countButternut Squash
October 302countSweet Bell Peppers
October 302countMedium Yellow Tomatoes
October 302countRoma Tomatoes
October 306countAssorted Macintosh and Johnny Gold Apples
November 061headFresh Cut Romaine Lettuce
November 068ozMesclun Mix Lettuce
November 068ozArugula
November 068ozMustard Greens
November 066countRed Radishes with Greens
November 062setsBunching White and Yellow Onions
November 061lbSweet Potatoes
November 061lbPotatoes
November 068countTurnips with Greens
November 061countSpaghetti Squash
November 061pintFrost green cherry Tomatoes
November 064countfrost small yellow squash
November 066countHabanero Peppers
November 066countMacintosh and Johanny Gold Apples
November 062earsPopcorn
November 131headFresh Cut Cabbage
November 136ozMesclun Mix Lettuce
November 138ozArugula
November 138ozMustard Greens
November 136countRed Radishes with Greens
November 132setsBunching White and Yellow Onions
November 131lbPotatoes
November 136countWhite Turnips with Greens
November 136countHabanero Peppers
November 132earsPopcorn
November 201headFresh Cut Cabbage
November 201bunchFresh Cut Broccoli Spears
November 201headFresh Cut White Cauliflower
November 206ozMesclun Mix Lettuce
November 206ozArugula
November 201lbWhite Potatoes
November 201lbRed Potatoes
November 206countFuji Apples
November 251headFresh Cut Cabbage
November 251headFresh Cut Cauliflower
November 256countLarge White Turnips with Greens
November 258ozMesclun Mix Lettuce
November 258oz Arugula
November 252countYellow Onions
November 252countBunching Onions
November 252lbWhite Potatoes
November 252lbRed Potatoes
November 252lbSweet Potatoes
November 251countLarge Acorn Squash
November 254countApples
November 254ozSage
November 254ozThyme
November 254ozParsley
November 254ozGarlic Chives
December 044countLarge Turnips with Greens
December 041bunchFresh Young Spinach
December 044headsSmall Red Sails Lettuce
December 046ozMesclun Mix Lettuce
December 046ozMustard Greens
December 046ozArugula
December 043countYellow Onions
December 042countbunching onions
December 041lbWhite Potatoes
December 041lbRed Potatoes
December 041lbSweet Potatoes
December 041countAcorn Squash
December 041countButternut Squash
December 114countLarge Turnips with Greens
December 111bunchFresh Young Spinach
December 114headsSmall Red Sails Lettuce
December 116ozMesclun Mix Lettuce
December 116ozMustard Greens
December 116ozArugula
December 113countYellow Onions
December 112countbunching onions
December 111lbWhite Potatoes
December 111lbRed Potatoes
December 111lbSweet Potatoes
December 111countAcorn Squash
December 111countButternut Squash